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How will Older Ports like Baltimore, Philadelphia available for Expansion be able to compete with newer larger ports (Case Study Sample)


How will older ports like Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc. with limited real-estate available for expansion be able to compete with newer larger ports.
Think in terms of equipment, technologies, alliances and partnerships, business practices, etc.


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The United States Marine transport system is definitely one of the largest and important national assets. It has assisted in ensuring that continued leadership with regard to the national trading and a channel for economic development in the country .It has helped the country with great distinction in time of peace and war even prior to the establishment of the republic. Older port like Baltimore and Philadelphia need to upgrade the technology and modified work practices with the available resources in order to speed up their port operations and increase the volume of cargo moving in and out of United States (Roso, 2009).
Discussion and analysis
Improving the work practices and technology will automatically increase the productivity of these old ports .However, currently there is no available set of framework that is evaluating port performance or the best practices that need to be put in place in order to improve the efficiency .In addition there are also no available research programs they will help in promoting technologies that are directed in improving the efficiency of these old ports.
Investment together with modernization of these ports is also needed in order to back up the ever increasing movement of various commodities on the American ports. In the case of the port at Baltimore most of the infrastructure and equipment is over fifty years and hence it does not have the capability of accommodating modern vessels and the increased size of commodities in and out of United States .The method of funding the development of these ports need to be improved due to the fact that funds for development has been depleted hence delaying important development projects. This will help in developing reliability and mitigating efficiency problems that can worsen in the coming years if not well checked upon.
Nowadays efficiency of the port is one of the major determinants of the international transport system .This framework was found to be more significant in various port features which include port infrastructure , partnership between different ports and finally private sector participation. Various research studies have indicated the interrelation between port efficiency and inter-port connectivity, with significant impact varying with the extent on port improvement and port efficiency.
For instance there are only 31 channels alone in Baltimore that constitute of the whole Baltimore port region ,with an approximate of 22 to 50ft.A recent research carried out on Baltimore port area indicated that 30% of all the vessel calls at United States are typically constrained because of inadequate depth of the channel. If this issue is ignored the United States waterways will not have the ability to the future growth and development...
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