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Answer question Business & Marketing Case Study Paper (Case Study Sample)


Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Only the information provided by me can be used. Other information including paragraphs, sentences, tables, etc. written by others on the Internet is strictly prohibited. Please write the answers to these three questions in your own words. For question1&2, the number of words for each question is limited to 150 words, and for question3, the number of words is limited to 500 words.

Use the CAGE framework, compare and contrast the advantages of an alliance or an acquisition as an international entry strategy for Charles Rivers Laboratories in
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QUESTION 2Conduct industry analysis (include a 5 forces analysis) and explain the implications of your findings to Canadian Solar's strategy. For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac).


QUESTION 3This question has two parts: 1) What does strategic analysis tell you about the Board's growth target of $2.5 billion by 2020? 2) What are the 3 viable options available to Cervus Equipment to meet the growth target based on your strategic analysis? Follow the steps below to answer the above questions. Point form is acceptable.
Step 1: List and Explain the findings and conclusion of your internal analysis. (What did you find from VRIO, financial and value chain analysis) ( 3 points)
Step 2: List Explain the findings and conclusion of your external analysis, (what did you find in the macro and industry analysis) (3 points)
Step 3: Identify strategic gaps between what the firm can do (strengths) and what is required by the market (opportunity). (2 points)
Step 4: Evaluate and explain whether the Board’s $2.5 billion growth target is feasible and within the firm's current capabilities based on your analysis. (2 points)
Step 5: Identify three viable options to meet the target (6 points); Explain why they are viable (4 points)


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Institutional Affiliation
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Q#1. Alliance vs. acquisition for Charles Rivers Laboratories in Mexico using the CAGE Framework
Whereas the acquisition of ALPES by Charles Rivers Laboratories (CLR) in Mexico means that it will take control over the company by obtaining shares and properties, an alliance implies that the two companies will continue to cooperate and pursue common interests although remaining legally independent (Wesley 2006). However, the two companies, have notable cultural, administrative, geographic, and economic (CAGE) differences. While CLR operates on an American business model that is more institutional during decision-making processes, ALPES is largely family-oriented. The cultural and administrative distance is observed particularly when the cooperation between ALPES and SPAFAS was made through informal agreements and the manner of running ALPES by family members, including Alejandro Romero’s mother, aunt, and sister. Although Dennis Shaughnessy is convinced about Romero’s description of the business viewpoint of Romeros, the cultural and administrative differences between the two firms make an acquisition a better decision than that of an alliance to avoid collision of interests. With the implementation of NAFTA, the geographic difference does not have a significant impact on both the acquisition or alliance with ALPES since Mexican products can still enter the United States free of duties. The proposal of contributing ALPES to the joint venture and having SPAFAS investing $2 million in cash denotes an alliance of the two companies.

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