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Any of your choice: Competencies and Training at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Case Study Sample)


Dear Writer, Please read the attached case study, and summarize it to be presented to top level management. Choose a specific section in the case study (any of your choice) and discus it in depth to be the main body of the paper. Within this section, you must refer to any company in the United Arab Emirates and identify the implication of this section in that company (ex of companies but not limited to the following: Emirates Airlines, Dubal, Cocacola branch in UAE... etc). In addition, convert one of the tables to a histogram graph and analyze the data of the histogram. Let me know if you need any clarification.



Competencies and Training at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
Competencies and training at Abu Dhabi investment authority
A preview into the job market within the United Arab Emirates and one will not fail to recognize the ground that has been covered by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. I say so because the organization is involved in almost all the aspects of the economy of the United Arab Emirates. With its headquarters in Abu Dhabi paying homage to about 1500 employees of forty nationalities, the firm is driven by the fact that the employees are the backbone of the organization and their welfare is prioritized. This is why the organizational management has put in place a training mechanism to ensure that their employees are constantly well-informed about the occurring developments in their field of expertise (Ekot, 2010). The management of the organization presumes true the fact that it is only through training that the company can achieve its set objectives. In addition, they hold the opinion that training of the employees enables them to stand out in this competitive and challenging millennium ().
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is inclined towards ensuring that their employees receive quality training. Before they embark on the process of training, they analyze some of the key aspects that the training session is to cover. To ensure that their employees in all the departments receive quality training, they set goals and targets that they are to accomplish after the training session. Though Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has specific training sessions for the new employees, they take their seasoned employees through training as well so as to give them a cutting edge over the rest. Supplementary to that, the firm injects a massive amount of their budget into the area of employee training; this means that they stop at nothing in order to ascertain the best market training for their employees (Ekot, 2010).
In an attempt to ensure that their employees get quality training, Abu Dhabi Investment group normally embraces several methods of training. The first is the instructor led method of training. The management of Abu Dhabi Investment Authority normally ensures that they call in experts on a regular basis, to take employees from their different departments through some of the latest advancements in their fields of expertise. For example, professionals in the Information Technology field are brought in so as to equip the information technology department on some of the best mechanisms of integrating their information (Adegoke, 2013). This kind of training method helps the organization and their staff in that, all of them get the same information at the same time. Supplementary to that it is cost effective and allows the large employee population to be enlightened at the same time.
Another training method that is put into use by the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority so as to enlighten their empl...
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