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Case Study - Medical Diagnosis. TW-Case Study: Medical Diagnosis (Case Study Sample)


Many persons may know a family member or work with a person who has a medical diagnosis. In order to demonstrate empathy and compassion towards this person, you may consider understanding the real world implications of the medical disorder. Write a case study paper of a person with a neurological or endocrine disorder. Many learners in the past chose family members or close friends. You may also choose to compare two persons with the same diagnosis or contrast two persons with different diagnoses. The purpose of this paper is to generate a greater knowledge of the disorder in the context of real world behavior and to provide an opportunity to generate greater compassion if you encountered these persons in your community or work environments. Remember to maintain confidentiality and not use real names in the paper. You will write in the third person perspective.
Task description
In a seven– to eight–page APA paper, describe the following:
Background information, such as education level, job description.
Brief information of diagnosis: statistics of the disorder or mechanism of illness (less than one page on this topic).
Cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and/or spiritual challenges in your interpersonal relationships.
Impact of diagnosis on work, school, volunteer time.
Given what you know of frontal lobe functions, how are the person’s executive functions impacted by this disorder?
How does the person compensate for these challenges?
Can the person be rehabilitated with the disorder?
Future implications for the person.
Please include at least three references as well.


TW-Case Study: Medical Diagnosis
By: Author
Background information:
Name: Amelia Cruz
Gender: F
Age: 43
Address: Manila, Philippines
Occupation: Pedia-surgeon
Drug history: No history of drug use
Social history: No history of alcohol and smoking
Medical diagnosis: Diabetes Mellitus 2 (DM2)
Brief information of diagnosis: Statistics of the disorder or mechanism of illness (less than one page on this topic)
Type 2 Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus 2 is one of two forms of diabetes common in individuals and is a global epidemic. It is a condition wherein there are high levels of blood glucose due to either lack of insulin or the inability of the body to produce this hormone efficiently. To further elaborate, DM2 is described a metabolic disease which results in sugar to get collected within the blood stream. This disease may also vary in terms of severity wherein just a minor change in lifestyle such as losing weight and getting enough exercise helps a person manage the disease.

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