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The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (Book Review Sample)


You will write a 5–6-page critique (not including the title page and bibliography) on the following books:
• The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order
The Book Review must include the following sections:
• Introduction
• Summary
• Critique
• Personal Response
• Conclusion
You must remember to use 5–6 quotes from the book to support your claims and show at least 7 connections to a geopolitical framework. The Book Reviews must be typed in 12-point Times New Roman font, be double spaced with 1-inch margins, and follow current Turabian format. See the grading rubric for specific guidelines and grading procedures.


The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order
The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order
The book The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order by Samuel P. Huntington is a good social science book. The book expounds on the cultures and religion of people to expound on the social perspectives of people. Civilization is a social aspect that people have been experiencing, which is an essential social element that shows social progress and steps that people have used subsequently to improve their social aspects of life. The author expresses the Clash of Civilizations as a hypothetical element to show how the cultural identities and religious beliefs were the principal causes of conflict during the period of the post-Cold War world. Samuel P. Huntington is a renowned political scientist who wrote and expressed his sentiments on the future cold wars.
As opposed to other forms of battles that were fought between countries, cold wars would be fought between different cultures. The book was extensive in explaining of the different elements involved in cold wars that would include various religious and cultural factors, where culture and religion were broad social elements that marked the level of civilization among people. The book also expounds on how cultural heritage and religious faith were integral pride elements that would make various people fight in this new form of battle named the cold war. The essay is a book review on Samuel P. Huntington’s book titled the Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order.
The author begins the first chapter of the book by expressing elements about world politics to explain different aspects of world civilization. Global civilization would form the basis of a new political era where different nations would take great pride in their cultural identity to make sure that the country is a protuberant social power. Huntington divided the world into different segments to express the element of civilization quite extensively. One of the divisions explained in the book is the western civilization, which comprises of Central Europe, Western Europe, the Orthodox world, Canada, the United States, Oceania, and Australia. According to the book, the former nations of the Soviet Union and Latin America are not decisive on whether they are part of the western civilization or they stand as their separate civilizations. The civilization of the west was perceived through Western Christian religion that was the Catholic-Protestant religion. This religion was the pride that marked the western civilization according to the book by Huntington.[Jervis, Robert, and Samuel P. Huntington. "The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order".]
The was also a group in the Middle East that had their civilization marked by the Muslim religion. The Islamic religion dominated the Middle East nations that were dominated by the Arabic race who were the main believers of the Islamic faith. The Eastern world further included the Chinese, Buddhist, Japonic and the Hindu civilizations. These civilizations were concerning cultural identities and various religious beliefs and practices, which was integral in showing that these Eastern and Middle East nations levels of civilizations, which was an element that Huntington focused on his work to later show the clashes that would remake the world order through cold wars. The book further discussed Sub-Saharan Africa as a subdivision included in the world civilization, where Sub-Saharan Africa had an assortment of religious beliefs as well as cultural practices that formed the pride of the nations involved in these regions.[Anwar, Syed Tariq....

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