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A Review of Psalms as Torah Religion & Theology Book Review (Book Review Sample)


Complete the book review of Psalms as Torah: Reading Biblical Song Ethically
60% of the book review should review the book chapter by chapter. Discuss each chapter’s main idea and how the author goes about arguing for it.
The other 40% of your review should be composed of the following points:
Positive feedback concerning the book. What was helpful and well-argued?
Negative feedback: what was not helpful, not well-argued or unclear? Here you can choose some of the book’s main ideas or some details that have a direct bearing on the book’s main points.
The review should be no longer than 5 pages, although 4 would be ideal. Use Times New Roman 11; single space. Margins should be as follows: top, left, right = 2 inches. Bottom = 1.75 inches


A Review of Psalms as Torah
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
A Review of Psalms as Torah
Gordon J. Wenham is a British author and scholar. He learned at various colleges, including Cambridge, London, and Harvard, just as in Jerusalem at the Ecole Biblique and the Jewish College. He has written an enormous number of articles and a few books, remembering critiques for Beginning, Leviticus, Numbers, and a well-known course reading investigating the Old Confirmation: The Pentateuch. His latest work includes an investigation of Old Confirmation story morals called Hymns as Torah: Perusing Scriptural Melody Morally. This tale is something of a continuation of his past book Story as Torah: Perusing Old Confirmation Account Morally. In this book, he centers on ethics educated in the ceremony of the Old Confirmation, the Psalter. While numerous researchers and scholars see the Torah as verse. Nevertheless, the writer took time to arrange the administrative and instructional highlights found in Songs. The objective then of his book is to research these thoughts educated in the Psalter all through ten parts. The parts give a significant window into Old Confirmation religious philosophy and morals" (Wenham, 2012).

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