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The Myth of You and Me (Book Review Sample)

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Title: The Myth of You and Me
Author: Leah Stewart
I think this novel is appealing to both young and old readers. This is simply because the readers could easily relate from Cameron`s pride, pain and confusion, to Sonia`s betrayal, hurt personality, and longing since such personal and environmental conflicts have been experienced by many people.
However, I am still not sure on whether or not the story should have been written in the first person point of view. I find it so for I was introduced that the main tension was between Cameron and Sonia, therefore, I was interested in what Sonia was saying, not just on what Cameron was hearing.
On the other hand, I realized that despite missing perspectives in the story, it was successful in imposing Cameron`s confusion, her dilemmas on the conflicts around her and on her helplessness in her situation.
I noticed that this novel was quite out of the ordinary despite featuring cliché tragedies. Out of the ordinary in the sense that it brings the readers the concept of common conflicts in most stories—i.e. betrayal of a friend, confusion of another, and the vulnerability of their situation—with unexpected outcomes or actions from its characters. In other words, the novel had placed a different turn on the various cliché twists that most books feature.
I was surprised that this novel, despite being able to answer the conflict between Cameron and Sonia seem to open up a new light of conflict which now evolves on Cameron alone and on her views of what would be and what has been.
Now since book features many cliché conflicts let us focus on one. Among the major conflicts in the story is on Cameron`s journey towards Sonia. In this conflict, we are to center on Cameron`s inability to forgive and forget what Sonia had done wherein she had slept with Cameron`s longest boyfriend, Owen. Cameron had become very angry at Sonia until they lasted eight years without actually talking to each other and this anger had led to Cameron`s entrapment on the past and her inability to move on to the future and accept the present.
I had chosen this particular conflict, Cameron`s self-battle on whether or not she was ready to let go of the past, since, aside from playing a major role in the flow of the story, this had also shown how conflicts arise most vulnerably in the self and clashes most effectively with the self rather than with someone else. This conflict provides a rather vast view of many of the tensions that had revolved around Cameron for if she had finally let this go, she would be able to move on. Her inability to move passed the past is shown on how she had reacted when she had received Sonia`s letter wherein she had "tried to concentrate on the task at hand…but it was impossible not to think of the letter" CITATION Lea06 \l 1033 (Stewart).
This conflict was fortunately resolved. While Cameron waited and traveled around the places where Sonia could be, sh...
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