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What is "liberality" according to Machiavelli? (Book Review Sample)


The title of Machiavelli's THE PRINCE refers, in Machiavelli's time, not so much to an hereditary prince, but instead, most commonly, to a military victor who would annoint himself "prince" [recall how, for example, Charlemagne annointed himself "Emperor"] over certain conquered territories. Machiavelli's treatise focusesd on issues of how to maintain power, that is, what sort of ruler a "prince" (or any other leader of people) should be. Some questions to guide your discussion postings: 1. What is "liberality", according to Machiavelli? 2. What is "parsimony", according to Machiavelli? 3. Is it BETTER for a prince to be liberal or to be parsimonious? Why? 4. Does Machiavelli give what might be considered something like a recipe for how to maintain power? If so, what "ingredients" does it consist of? also, could you put some comment to this book review?

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