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M. McCauley, Bandits, Gangsters and the Mafia (Book Review Sample)

Your Book Review should take the form of a short, critical essay. You should tell your reader what the book accomplishes; what are its essential arguments; what are its strengths and weaknesses; how and why you think it is original; and why you believe it is, or is not, worth reading. Reviews should include citations and conform to normal essay style. If you have questions concerning book reviews, look at the end of any scholarly journal to find brief examples. source..

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(January 10, 2012)
M. McCauley, Bandits, Gangsters and the Mafia
This literary article titled “Bandits, Gangsters and the Mafia” was authored Martin McCauley and published in November 29, 2001 by Longman publishers. This book is of the sociopolitical genre which touches the elements of the underworld activities which were currently associated with the mafia syndicates in Russia during the reign of President Yeltsin. This book basically unveils the extensive information of the corruption essence fostered by the Russia government. This facet basically is viewed to be the major cause of that hinders Russia transition within the market capitalism as echoed by McCauley (2001). Though the book is well detailed additional knowledge on economic principles coined of either by renowned theorist such as Smith, Keynes and Monetarists among others is requisite. The stories embodied in this literary article are entwined in a multi-structural manner which delves on a perfect jigsaw fit that exposes the readers to the wild side of the Russian politics.
Unlike other literary article of this genre that adapts numerous technical jargons which are confusing, McCauley clearly captures the true state of how cartels in Russia formed mafia organization that run the countries behind the scenes (McCauley, 2007). The author boldly names the names of the culprits that were associated with this unlawful rackets which led Russia to its current deplorable state. Through the economical shift highlighted by the author on this state under the auspice of cartels, bandits, gangsters and mafia from communism to capitalism the economy of the budding Russia was ruined. Through the influence and the influx brought about by the then President Yeltsin and his shadow cabinet and prism government and their foreign relations are also highlighted in this literary article. The book is inspired from the real occurrence that transpired during the industrialization period of Russia and is properly capture in the text. Through infusion of history and reality, the book takes the reader in a rich and frightening journey of the darkest secrets of bloody syndicates and mafia organizations, which were the kitchen cabinet that run Russia under the reign of Yeltsin (Klebnikov, 2000).
The book centrally commences on an economical element which depicts that every successful businessman during the reign of President Yeltsin was a bandit. Furthermore, the author with facts closely links major prominent people of Russia with some of the bloodiest militias and cartels. The author clearly depicts how in the introductory part how Russia Federation adapted some tactical but very disastrous strategic policies during the Gorbachev era (Robinson, 2000). A close analysis of these facts reveals that most of this cartels and mafia organizations were on the lookout for things to ...
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