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“$2 a Day” Edin & Schaefer Reading Response (Book Review Sample)


Here is the link for this reading:
*Read Chapter 4 in "$2 a Day" by Edin & Schaefer and response the following questions In 2 double-spaced pages! Try to organize ideas better. Provide more analysis of readings with your thoughts.
* Grading Rubric for Reading Responses:
A) Identify 2 important findings or main points the author(s) discuss in the reading.
Worth 4 points: Students should pick out two central concepts, points, or findings rather than ancillary points.
B) Why are these two findings important to the wider society as a whole? What are the implications of these findings?
Worth 6 points: This should be the majority of the response. Students should discuss these two points in more depth and you can also bring in content from the lecture material, but this is not required. Students should expound upon why these two points are important to society or the implications of these points. For example, how do these issues not only affect the very poor but everyone else in society as well? You can talk about policy, or how these issues affect other institutions in society. It should not be your opinion only. It should be based on other sociological or social science content. If it seems like you are writing simply a chapter summary, the response will be docked by at least 2-3 points.
C) One concept you'd like to question the author about or would like to know more about.
Worth 2 points: Students should come up with a relevant question or issue/concern that is tied to the reading. It should be something not directly answered by the authors already. The question or issue would ideally be something that would spark discussion in class.


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“$2 a day” Reading Response.”
In Luke Shaefer and Kathryn Edin's and “$2 a day,” I gathered two points which are: The work of survival at the very bottom of America's economic ladder is hard, and it's about turning the little you possess in the way of assets into cash or goods. In chapter four, the reader is introduced to several people who live on $2 a day. Jennifer Hernandez, together with her two children, shifted from one homeless shelter to homeless shelter in Chicago. During the time spent by Jennifer and her children in those homeless shelters, she applied for more than one-hundred jobs and landed one with a custodial company that cleaned foreclosed houses, which were often trashed and broken into by junkies and squatters. Working in smutty, unheated rooms during a Chicago winter, she continually came down with viral infections and respiratory problems, which in turn caused her to miss work. She had to look for employment elsewhere because her hours got cut back significantly, but even so, she never registered for welfare benefits. To Jennifer, welfare was likened to a handout she would not receive.
We also have Paul from Cleveland who lost his savings and house when his chain of pizza parlors went kaput. Jessica Compton

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