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Response to Barthes idea of disentangling a text (Book Review Sample)

Write a 1 ½ - 2 page response to Barthes¡¯ idea of disentangling a text. Write this essay need read the article "Death of the Author" written by Roland Barthes first. And English is not my first language, so please don't use too complex sentences. source..
Response to Barthes idea of disentangling a text
Barthes in his essay, ‘the death of the author’ states that an author is a historically and socially constituted subject; he is not just a person. He adds that an author can not exist outside a language and prior to it. This means that writing makes the author and not the author who makes the writing. The author according to Barthes is seen to have no authority over the text as he/she does not write it but only has power of mixing writings (Barthes 145). This implies that the author is disentangled from the text in that he/she does not have authority over the writings that he /she make. He criticizes the tendency of the reader to think about the facets of the identity of the author i.e. historical context, ethnicity, religion, political views, psychology and other personal attributes to extract significance from his work. However, to give the author a text and to give an explanation to that text is like limiting that text. Readers should separate works of literature from the creators so that to free it from interpretative tyranny because a single writing has many layers and meanings.
On the other hand, as Barthes talks about disentangling a text, he states that a text is a fabric of quotations which is got from numerous cultures ...
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