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William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night About Different Kinds Of Love (Book Review Sample)


I need an essay about Shakespeare Twelfth Night about different kinds of love, such as crush, selfish love, and affection between brother and sister.


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Literature and Language
07 March 2018
Twelfth Night Essay
The play Twelfth Night is a comedy that was an original piece that William Shakespeare wrote. The whole play is about the love and its different ideas. From the plays 1st line which is: “If music be the food of love, play on”, it shows that Shakespeare digs deeper in the different forms of love, and analyzes how each one differs from the others even if they are all about love. The kinds of love are seen through specific characters, combining the emotions and feelings that bring to life the image of love. The kinds of love vary, but they all fall into categories of true love or infatuation. Another form of love is friendship and loving one's self is another element in the story. Come to think of it, the definition of love is reliant on the actions and character or qualities of a person. That it is authentic and sincere, with a sacrificial meaning serving other people. Truly loving something is backed by reason, commitment and trust. It is concentrated on making the other person happy or content.
There are characters in the play who are deceived by the one they love and/or themselves. Some events wherein there is emotion that shows true love, and both people include a strong feeling towards each other. It was Viola who showed true love toward for Orsino. This quote from the book can be related to the situation of Viola and Orsino which is: “Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better.” As it speaks of unrequited love or crush love. Another display of true love in the play is on a less romantic way, and more of driven by family. The love between Viola and Sebastian is the kind that most siblings feel among themselves. Through sorrow and crying for each death, they still have love for one another. They know that probably because of a miracle and in other reasons, that all of them are still strong and alive.
A lot of people today have self-love, which can cause them to have an egocentric lifestyle or existence. The line in the book saying: “Oh, you are sick of self-love, Malvolio, and taste with a distempered appetite. To be generous and of free disposition, is to take those things for bird-bolts that you deem cannon bullets..” is about self-love and how it can be beneficial to one's self. The easiest character to identify self-love with is Malvolio because he recognizes his good lo

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