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Macbeth Play Review Writing Assignment Paper (Book Review Sample)


Analyzing the characteristic in Shakespeare's drama "Macbeth" this person. The following is the requirement, do not repeat the drama, the main purpose is to analyze the Macbeth in this drama. First of all, introduce all the drama and its connection, how it brings to your feeling, and how you think Macbeth this person is, then use the sentences in the drama and quote it for explaining or supporting your point of view.
Place your-self in the audience as a critic on the afternoon Macbeth debuted. In a review, evaluate the play. Your review should contain quotations and examples from the play to support your opinions and thoughts. The basic intention of the review is to either recommend the play or disparage it. (550 words)
a. Describe the how recurring ideas themes of the text support the main controlling idea.
b. Describe how one of the main character's actions develop the plot, add to setting and atmosphere.
c. Take any main character and compare/contrast them with another character from screen or print.


Macbeth Play Review
In the play, Macbeth written by William Shakespeare effectively presents the important theme throughout the story using Macbeth and other key characters. William Shakespeare induces the main characters to pursue the theme of ambition. In the play, the three witches are the antagonist who symbolizes the theme of ambition versus reality. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth relation become an irony throughout the play because it is based on greed and power.
In Macbeth, William Shakespeare tragedy is about power where the three witches foretell Macbeth rise to become the king of Scotland. The witches also prophecies about the future kings whereby they state that the kings will descend from Banquo who is a fellow army captain. Macbeth is overcome by his ambitions, and his wife’s encouragement makes him kill King Duncan to take up the throne. He further sends people to kill Banquo and his sons who were prophesied that will also rule Scotland. Macbeth feels guilty combined with fear to cause him to commit more murder to feel safe while in power. His greed and ambition eventually lead to his downfall as he is overthrown and killed by Macduff as Duncan son Malcolm becomes the king.
The major theme in the play is more of a tragic hero, Macbeth from a loyal soldier becomes ambitious and ascents to powe...
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