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Kozols Still Separate, Still Unequal: Information Statistics (Book Review Sample)


Read Johnathan Kozol's "Still Separate, Still Unequal," and write a review.
Kozol's argument relies heavily on factual information and statistics. Select one of these sources and trace how Kozol uses it throughout the piece (i.e., What claim does he make with the source? How does he write about the source's significance? Does he bring in additional sources to substantiate his claim? What does the source ultimately add to the argument?).
Be sure to answer ALL prompt questions and to address how Kozol combines both Personal sources (interviews, letters, personal conversations/experiences--PATHOS) with more Traditional sources (court cases, racial demographic statistics, teacher salary information, NY Board of Ed. budgetary information, etc.--LOGOS) in your 2+ paragraph response!
Then write a discussion question based on the theme or such.


The article by Johnathan Kozol, largely uses statistical and factual information to pass the argument to the readers. Much of the information included in the article relates to the fact that, the element of racial segregation is still available in the schools. This is relative to the fact that, most of the schools that were largely segregated in the past are now the ones that have some element of equality. For those that seemed to have had some element of equality in the past, either through forcibly incorporating policies to accommodate t

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