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Flexibility of the United States Job Marked in the Great Recession (Book Review Sample)


Write an outline at the beginning of the paper! The outline should state what you will write about this paper. The outline should be half page long.
The paper should address the following FIVE elements in the order listed below:
Research question:
• What is the main topic/question/hypothesis/argument the author(s) investigates?
• State in 1-2 sentences, in your own words
Literature review:
• A literature review, however brief, explains what is already known about a topic
• How does the author connect his or her argument to the existing literature? How does the
argument fill in a research gap and expand knowledge in the field?
• No more than 3 sentences
Methodology/critical approach:
• What steps does the author take to study the topic? Does the author provide original data
(e.g., direct information from personal interviews, experiments, surveys) or interpret
secondary research (e.g., statistics or documents gathered by someone else)?
• Describe the theoretical perspectives/frameworks/concepts used to analyze the subject.
• State in 2-4 sentences
• What are the author's main points in the analysis? What is the author's interpretation of
the research sources? What does the evidence mean?
• State in 3-4 sentences
• What does the author conclude, based on the analysis? How does the author link the
analysis/findings to the original research question and the gap in the existing research?
• State in 1-2 sentences
Summarize each element in a separate paragraph (five total) without the use of headings.
Do NOT quote extensively from the article or have a quote more than 3 lines; summarize in your own words, using citations asappropriate. The best summaries will not include any direct quotes.


Flexibility of the United States Job Marked in the Great Recession
This section contains the purpose of the article, inclusive of the research questions and thesis statement.
Literature Review
The literature review contains general information on the great recessions and an explanation of the main purpose, which is an elaboration on flexibility.
The methodology section elaborates on the qualitative analysis aspects that were used in conducting the research.
Analysis and Findings
Analyses of the charts and graphs that were included in the methodology are explained in this section.
The conclusion summarizes all sections of the paper and issues a final explanation of the thesis.
The main purpose of the article is to undertake an examination of the failure of the labor market of the United States to achieve its expectations as a powerhouse for job creation in the recession of 2007-2009 and recovery. It makes a comparison of the employment patterns during this period to that of the great depression, and documents the resulting long-term joblessness and the unemployment impacts on the workforce; it contrasts the U.S labor experience with that driven by institutional labor markets.
Literature Review
The Great Recession was a test on the ability of the United States to be a job-generating machine globally, to limit the unemployment severity in a major downturn of the economy and quickly restore job opportunities. During the crisis, the country failed to live up to its expectations. The duration and levels of unemployment rapidly increased, characterized by a slow growth of employment opportunities and an anemic recovery. Prior t

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