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Reading The Article Entitled Women And Employment: Summary (Book Review Sample)


1.Construct two exam questions based on the chapter "Women and Employment," by Homa Hoodfar (in Between Marriage and the Market: Intimate Politics and Survival in Cairo). In other words, if you were the course instructor, what two questions would you ask students to answer in an exam? In composing these questions, you must bear in mind the course objectives stated on the syllabus.
2.Watch the short video Kamala and Raji ( and compare it with the Cairo chapter. What do you understand by the term negotiating culture (cultural habits, norms, expectations)? How is this idea illustrated in the two situations?
3.Apply Amartya Sen's concepts of perceived interests and perceived contributions to each case study (Ahmadabad and Cairo), and give one example of each concept from each case.


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February 27, 2018
Book Review
1 After carefully reading the article entitled Women and Employment, I believe that the two most pertinent questions that needs to be asked are; (1) Is there any correlation between Gender and the amount of jobs available in different sectors of employment according to Hoodfar(?) and (2) What sectors present the “most suitable” jobs for women, based on their ability to cater for their needs and presumed responsibilities?
2 While many argues that Culture is relative – that is no culture is superior than the other – societies with people who are living together must be able to live by specific norms, which are usually characterized by a compromise. In line with this, negotiating culture is the process w

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