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Exploring The Theme Of Do Android Dream Of Electric Sheep (Book Review Sample)


This assignment is to write an expository essay of at least five full pages. You may write about "do android dream of electric sheep". The essay must include text-based evidence to prove your thesis, as well as at least two secondary, peer-reviewed sources that provide support to your argument. This information may present a historical or cultural context, a theoretical framework, or an interview with the author. Be sure to use peer-reviewed sources or reviews from academic journals. The writing must be done in MLA style with Times New Roman, 12-point font. As in any academic essay, you must form a thesis, support your ideas with evidence, and create a final conclusion. You should be able to incorporate independent ideas that expand upon facts presented in class. You may also use the tropes of the Gothic or the Grotesque if they apply to your thesis. Be sure to include a Works Cited page.
IMPORTANT (in class information)
-Quote secondary source on the second page and use first and secondary source together
-Do not use each secondary source just once.
The book "Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep" is attached.


Exploring the Theme of Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep
Philip K. Dick provides a science fiction in his genre Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? The story reveals different humanity concerns dramatically aiming to find various philosophical challenges in the future. The character development in the book surrounds technology, the human condition, and observation about the nature of life. Dick through the novel reveals the theme of futurism and the social advances in meeting the challenge towards destiny. The present book review gives a summary of the story, aspects of futurism, peoples' endeavors to solve their problems and the exciting plots about other novels of Philip Dick. Lastly, the review gives a conclusion with different aspects of the story and the actual film.
San Francisco is a terrible place to live due to World War Terminus that has left radioactive remains. Thus, many people migrate away to other areas. The remnants have to surrender their rights for procreation due to the genetic abnormalities as well as the return of valiant androids. The robots provide the perfect human replica and are the best reproduction of humans manufactured to do the most challenging labor in distant planets. Besides, the robots give human settlers in the universal space. The novel is futurism story of Rick Deckard as a police officer licensed to terminate the robotic humans who are unnoticed in San Francisco city in the year 2021. The society has few animals due to extinction hence Deckard replaces his dead sheep with an electric version. He chats with the neighbor who owns a Percheron horse in a pervasive mood and sad life they live. The robots usually go on a murder spree, hijack a spaceship and return to Earth. The incidences face people with the challenge of fixing the problem. Therefore, Deckard has the responsibility of hunting and destroying the robotic androids to stop them from harming human beings. Deckard as the protagonist has to overcome his personal feelings and responses to kill the aliens. Dick gives numerous instances of emotional complexes including empathy, loneliness, and love in San Francisco, especially in dark and disturbing scenes. The readers have that wild experience of dark emotional recess and psyche that brings the fun.
Elaboration of futurism aspect of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep is cumbersome. However, Deckard owns an electric sheep and fools the neighbors and himself as a person who has compassion for animals. Besides, he risks his life in killing the Androids to earn money as well as gain the status symbol in the society. The disparate struggle that Deckard goes through in justifying his responsibility reveals the question for humankind in San Francisco city to solve the challenge of creating living robots in the future (Dick 18, 26). Besides, the narration that Dick presents entailing machines that enhance the readers' moods of happiness and comfort brings a downside and adverse effects on the social system. For instance, he elaborates on the Voigt-Kampff that measures the involuntary reactions on the questions concerning empathy than the androids lack (Dick 18, 26). Deckard is torn between enjoying his life and the duty to save other people from destructive androids. The uncertain status of mind that he portrays reveals the unresolved challenge of a social system that humankind is likely to find in the future with the advent of robotic technology (Dick 18).
Dick in the s

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