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Discussion in Waiting for Godot Play Writing Assignment (Book Review Sample)


Waiting for Godot, as a play, offers us many moments of comedy, some of which were discussed in the lecture. Select one instance of comedy in the play (it can be a sequence of physical farce, an incongruous exchange, etc.) and analyze it. What makes it potentially funny, in the context of this dark play? How might the audience react to this instance of comedy? How does this instance of comedy fit into the play as a whole, and how does it contribute to the larger point (or absence of a larger point) of Waiting for Godot?
Attached is the play, kindly cite it in text and also in a works cited.


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Discussion in Waiting for Godot Play
The play Waiting for Godot is one of the ideal representatives of absurd theatre as a movement borne from the philosophy of existentialism. The title of the play is a clear indicator that the piece of literature has episodes of sadness and satire. The protagonists in the play, Vladimir and Estragon, are caught in an absurd situation while waiting for Godot. However, they fail to understand who he is and why they have to wait. In fact, they fail to understand what would happen if Godot would arrive. The entire storyline of the play is on the basis of interactions between the protagonists and their comical situations.
Arguably, the entire mood of the Waiting for Godot play resembles that of dark comedy. For instance, Vladimir is determined b

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