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Close Reading Book Review A Drug Called Tradition (Book Review Sample)


Choose a character in The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven with whom you most relate. Compare and contrast how that character's personal and cultural background influences the character's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with how your personal and cultural background influences your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. ( I uploaded some stores, not all, but all very short stories from the book, so please read as more as possible since more stories mean more knowledgeable about the characters. THANK YOU).
About me: I'm a Chinese, who is 26 years old. I'm a traditional woman that believes family is most important but I still need freedom. I like traveling, listening music, watching movies, and swimming. I believe human rights, blacks live matter, and everyone is equal. (Writer can connect the information about me and better write more about Chinese culture).In a formal, argumentative essay of 1250 to 1500 words (according to the word count tool in Microsoft Word), respond to the prompt. To do this, develop a thesis (main argument) that answers the prompt. The rest of the essay will comprise your attempts to convince the reader of the veracity of your thesis. First-person ("I") statements are fine when appropriate. Consider your audience to be a smart, educated person who has read, but is not an expert on, the short stories. I expect you to use specific examples from the book and from your own experiences as evidence for the points you want to make. You are welcome to write about anything you feel comfortable sharing with me. Anything you write will remain confidential (as long as it doesn't suggest potential harm to yourself or others, which I'm obligated to report). First-person ("I") statements are acceptable and expected.
The essay addresses the assignment, demonstrating both familiarity with pertinent critical issues and independent thought. Responds thoroughly to the assignment.The essay shows especially careful development of related ideas in coherent, sequential paragraphs. Consistently uses strong, persuasive evidence.

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Book Review: A Drug Called Tradition
In Sherman Alexie’s book called “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” is the chapter called “A Drug Called Addiction.” This short story has three main characters, Victor, Junior and Eccentric Thomas-Build-the-Fire who pays to host a huge party upon benefiting from Washington Water Power who compensated him money for putting electricity poles on his inherited land. Victor and Junior, who are great friends, decide to go for some magic mushrooms on the shores of Benjamin Lake. As they drive down the lake, they find Thomas by the roadside and they ask him to join them. Victor asks Thomas to describe what he sees on the mushrooms he gives him. Alexie’s writings explain the difference between the real Native American Indians back in a period of 20 years ago and the modern Native American Indian in the present day. The aim of this article is to explain how the characters’ personal and cultural background influences their actions compared to our current situation and draw conclusions.
In this character, Alexie ensured that the “The Real Indians” were explored. Nevertheless, his characters maintain a strong tie with their Native American Indian traditions. Alexie’s stories explain how it is complex nowadays for anyone trying to be a Native American Indian and at the same time keeping the sturdy sense of their ancestors who were “The Real Indians” (20). The same situation applies to me. As a traditional Chinese woman who would be happy to keep Native Chinese tradition, I find it out to cope with every aspect. I listen to different music and like traveling to different places, and thus I am unable to remain a total conservative of the Chinese tradition though I love it. Nevertheless, I do not accept defeat in my efforts of lasting a Native Chinese.
In Alexie’s passage, “A Drug Called Tradition,” he demonstrates applying varied points to explain how their lifestyles and experiences vary when compared to those of their ancestor’s. In Alexie’s text, the passage “There are things you should know,” is very vital in explaining his key example for sharing his various stories. His prime goal is to show the differences in Native American Indian culture in today’s context when compared to yesterday’s Native American Indian cultures. He uses this stand-out passage to convey the context of how Native American Indians nowadays grow up while in the skeletons of their long gone ancestors. Regardless of how life has tried to bring changes to them and new practices emerging, these people will never escape who they were once upon a time. For me, I accept the difference in the lifestyles and practices between my generation and our ancestors; I don’t feel the skeletons pulling me and my new lifestyle back. I enjoy traveling, listening to trending music and I believe in freedom of people. I love my tradition, but I also believe people should be free to choose their practices and go anywhere in this world. The world of feeling trapped in the ancestral skeleton is over.
Sherman Alexie is fond of using figurative language the includes symbolism, metaphors, and personification, and therefore he can pass an important message in this passage which implies that a person is who chooses a certain way to go with cannot change their past but however, these choices can consequently shape their future. Alexie us...
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