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Sixth And Seventh Chapters Of The Tale Of Genji (Book Review Sample)


please read the following text in this link and take notes in bullets point for the detailed and deep analysis. do not summaries the text. each of the bullet points doesn't have to be long but detailed. the notes cannot just be summarized, it should include your own thoughts and analysis. you can also provide the quotes or evidence that could support your idea. it is not like to summarize the doc, it should be more depends on your opinion on the doc and speech and your analysis can also be supported by the quotes and evidence from the inks. you don't have to use all the sources but try to take the notes as detailed as you can. Please don’t give me a summary of the whole book or any background information about it, I need more specific and detailed for each of the chapters from 6-9
the book is named
The Tale of Genji (Abridged)
Murasaki Shikibu


Student Name
Professor Name
The Tale of Genji
Chapter#6 and 7
In the sixth and seventh chapters of The Tale of Genji, I have read that Genji feels sad and alone after the death of Yogao. He then tries to find another woman who can help him forget about Yogao and can bring him a lot of happiness.
1 When Genji gets an ideal woman, he begins sending her notes, and this is what surprises me as Genji takes no time to move on.
2 Fortunately, his new affair does not bring him anywhere, and it ends after a note or two.
3 Genji seems to be unable to live alone, which is why he develops a friendship with Tayu.
4 I believe that developing a relationship with his former nurse’s daughter was out of context. Genji could have asked his relatives or friends to find a perfect match for him rather than trying to attract strange ladies toward his personality and beauty.
5 Tayu, in the meantime, provides Genji with reports about a princess who lives in poor condition.
6 It is good that Tayu does not give him the address of the Safflower Princess. As a response, Genji requests Tayu to act as his go-between with the princess.
7 They finally write cute poems together for the Safflower Princess.
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