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The Long Essay will be written on the topic of Celia's Song (Book Review Sample)


PLEASE NOTE: You should not be using any outside sources to write this essays. This not a library research essay - it is based on a close readings of the book.
The Long Essay will be written on the topic of Celia's Song, by Lee Maracle.
Celia's Song features an extended metaphor or mythic image of a divine Snake with two heads, Restless and Loyal. The snake has not been respected by humans, causing it to conflict destructively with itself and therefore to act destructively in people and the world. We might say the snake is 'wounded' or 'out of balance,' and that this woundedness is a poetic metaphor for the quandary of First Nations and Inuit peoples, and also more generally for the woundedness of European culture.
Referring to at least three specific episodes in the story, examine how Celia and Mink perceive the imbalance of loyalty and restlessness at work in specific circumstances. The episodes you choose should exemplify how European colonization has produced that imbalance, and how Maracle is suggesting it might it be remedied. What is this "imbalance" and how can it be repaired?
The Long Essay must be at least 1000 words long.


Celia’s Song
Celia’s Song is a rich and complex story that involves Celia’s family and a Mink. The story has a structure that makes it unique; a shapeshifter acts as a witness on behalf of Celia’s family. The paper shifts focus on episodes IV, V and VI. These are sections that give vivid experiences that Celia and her family go through. On the Nuu-chah-nulth territory, there’s a two-headed serpent that thinks humans need to be punished for clearing the forest (Maracle, 17). Maracle gives room for a possible healing from the destruction caused by the European colonizers. Celia uses her gift as a seer to lead her community towards a point of balance. The episodes have used vivid characters on several occasions. This is an analysis of Celia and Mink perception of the imbalance of loyalty and restlessness at work in various circumstances. In addition, the paper will also look into the imbalance caused by European colonization as well as possible solutions.
Episode IV
In this episode, Maracle paints a picture of bad conditions due to European colonization. Generally, the imbalance in Celia’s Song lies in the ideas regarding reconciliation from the perspective of the abuser. For instance, the author mentions a bad road with un-repaired potholes. The choice of the term “un-repaired” is strategic; the people expect the beneficiaries, who are the European, to repair the roads. The colonial system has brought real and horrific damages that require repair. The Yellow Macblo Crew cab carries six men who complain about the dust and bad nature of the road. Here, everyone gets to experience the problems left by the colonial system. Steve believes that he will be able to stop logging after his university education. In this line of work, Steve feels some guilt with regards to uncontrolled logging. The system doesn’t care about the consequences of destroying water catchment areas. In a moment, the author uses Steve to embody visions and dreams of decolonization. The character ponders on the possible scenarios linked with thinner forest (Maracle, 16).
Episode V
This episode reveals how the divine snake views human beings from below. The snake represents a character that sees the bigger picture as it crawls out of the sea. Maracle concentrates on explaining the negative sides of the community and its people. She uses the divine snake as the judge to the damage caused by the Europeans. This is a supernatural element that used to address the desire for decolonization and emphasis on the helplessness of the men in question. Maracle begins the episode by restating the creation story of her people. The creation story is meant to highlight the resurgence that exists within their own cultural paradigms. Furthermore, the ope

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