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The Canterbury Tales: Chaucer's Stereotypes and The Pardoner's Tale (Book Review Sample)


You will need to create an arguable thesis, use direct evidence from the story (2 quotes), include solid analysis, and have an interesting conclusion. Follow MLA guidelines and good luck!
Stereotypes are often associated with negative connotations. Describe how Chaucer uses stereotypes to describe the society he lived in and discuss whether or not his stereotypical characterizations are acceptable.
The Pardoner's Tale is a moral tale about the dangers of money and greed. How applicable is this story to today's society? In other words, what can people today learn from the Pardoner and his tale?
Irony plays a major role throughout The Canterbury Tales. Explain how his use of irony affects his characters and characterizations of their traits. Use both the General Prologue and the Pardoner's Tale as evidence.


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Literature and Language
08 November 2017
The Canterbury Tales: Chaucer's Stereotypes and The Pardoner's Tale
The story of The Canterbury Tale is about pilgrims that journey towards Canterbury and they start telling stories to each other so they will not notice the time. Aside from knowing how all of the 24 characters interact each other, all of the tales they have can be found in the book. It is observed that Chaucer let readers know about his stereotypes because they are in the context and part of the stories. In addition, the stereotypes are mostly linked to negativity, and it will be discussed here if the ones by Chaucer are acceptable.
Generally, The Canterbury Tales have characters that are stereotypes, mostly the ones taking part in the clergy. It is known that any kind of institution has corruption and this does not exempt the medieval church from it. Chaucer highlights how even the ecclesiastical participants have the tendency to commit sin, but he describes them in an observational tone. This leaves room for the reader to come up with their own judgment while he gives the details. According to Kimmick, A comparison is also done by Chaucer which is emphasized because of the stories a

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