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Analysis of the english patient. Discuss the idea of war or relationships in The English Patient. (Book Review Sample)


Discuss the idea of war or relationships in The English Patient.


The Idea of War in the English Patient
The characters in The English patient create ideas in the development of the war period. Although the period might have various instabilities triggered by the war, the perceptions in the community impact the population negatively. The affected individuals prove various issues of partiality in their interactions with other people in society. The standard setting of a normal community has been disrupted by the war and most of the characters experience desperation in all aspects surrounding their lives. The context reflects on a significant demographic of people living in pathetic situations due to the memories of the losses caused by the war. In this case, the recurring traumas affect the population resulting to wrong decision making. Most characters in The English Patient have various ideas and perceptions about the war, the participants and the affected populations.

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