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Honest Graft: The World of George Washington Plunkitt (Book Review Sample)

You can find the answer for all the question of the book through this link http://www(dot)marxists(dot)org/reference/archive/plunkett-george/tammany-hall/ Let me know if you can't open it. Here is the requirement for the paper Section One:According to the book, who are politicians? Are they people determined to be politicians before they come to office? Section Two:Discuss the experiences of one of the central characters in this book.Explain what you think the author's concept of "honest graft" is? How does this influence Plunkit? Section Three:List and describe from the book who were "honest" and those that were not honest politicians, as well how they were defined in this manner. Section Four:Explain what Plunkitt says that alcohol does to politicians and why. ***Include at least three direct quotes from the book to support your position.Be sure to cite these quotations in parentheses and in all caps source..
Honest Graft: The World of George Washington Plunkitt
Section One
A politician that embezzles is worse than a crook because he is a fool, George Washington Plunkitt notably remarked. In the 20th century, this Democratic senator of New York (District of Tammany) made a chain of talks on politics revealing with inspirational sincerity, the apparent irregular manner with which one is needed to play the game of politics in his town. According to Plunkitt, many people disagreed with the workings of Tammany Hall since they had not realized the political implications it created. Tammany Hall and its politicians affected many aspects of society in a positive light and created a politically attached population. Fundamentally, through its workings, a lot of people felt inclined to participate in politics. Tammany Hall politicians, famously known as ‘Tammany Men’ were identified with wealth and great fortunes. Young men envied their success and longed to make riches out of politics.
Senator Plunkitt advices young men who yearns to join politics not to be like the Temmamy politicians whose main aim and determination in politics is only to gain fortune and wealth and not help in the Civil Service Reform. He says that it is indeed true that politicians in Tammany Hall, him included, are rich, but there is a difference between drawing Honest and dishonest graft to get rich. “I’VE MADE A BIG FORTUNE OUT OF THE GAME AND I’M GETTING RICHER EVERYDAY, BUT ...
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