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Three Lives for Mississippi (Book Review Sample)

Cover the following What was the book about? Give a brief synopsis What was your opinion of the trial and the events in this book? Essay over Three Lives for Mississippi source..
Three Lives for Mississippi At this age, the most exposing literature work on the South is still being penned down by the Southerners. Many known writers, like Ralph McGill, Hodding Carter, and James Silver, were brazenly denounced by the chauvinist whites of their own kind. These people were great social thinkers and philosophers. But today a passé reporter proved that mere facts can be so intensely powerful work of literature, only if assimilated and explicated in a wise and insightful manner. William Bradford Huie is a determined and forthright man from Alabama. He is a reporter, knows the Southerners pretty well, and claims to sleep with a shotgun at hand. It’s pretty clear he don’t think twice in offending anyone, and it became apparent in the case of Ku Klux Klan once you read Three Lives for Mississippi. Three lives for Mississippi accounts the murder of three young men who were civil right workers and were killed in Neshoba County, Mississippi. Huie has before written both fiction and facts, but I found his past work irregular and mostly dramatic. It is claimed Huie had to stuff $10000 to the men who ere accomplices to acquire the particulars of the brutal murders. And it seems he pretty much justify that $10000. All I know is when I concluded the book I had a feeling of respect. Huie started the book as it came; his being assigned to Neshoba County to cover the story by The Herald Tribune, when the three went missing. He carries on with the story integrating facts and interviews, one after another. He has the ability to convince his reader of the brutish behavior as satisfacto...
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