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In Search of the Promised Land. History Book Review (Book Review Sample)


The book name is: In search of the Promised Land the 6th edition, By FRANKLIN
In the introductory paragraph you will discuss:
1. What was the author’s thesis of the book? Did he argue it persuasively?
In the first body paragraph you will discuss:
2. What types of sources did the author use to construct the narrative?
In the rest of the body paragraphs discuss at least three of the following topics:
3. Discuss the benefits that mixed race slaves had over those who were not.
4. How did the Civil War change the fortunes of the individuals in the book?
5. Discuss an event in the book that changed your ideas about the lives of slaves in the United States.
6. Describe how blacks were treated differently in the North and the South.
7. Discuss how slaves navigated society without rights. How did they find ways to be human beings in a society that considered them property?
Each paragraph should include a topic/thesis sentence and the other sentences should support the introductory sentence. The last sentence should serve as some transition into the next paragraph.


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In Search of the Promised Land.
The thesis of the book “In Search of Promised Land" revolves around slavery. The book explains how African-Americans were treated like slaves. This slavery took place during the Civil Wars in the US. The black Americans were mistreated and enslaved based on racism. Franklin argues persuasively since the main topic talked about searching for a Promised Land so that black Americans could be freed from this slavery. However, Franklin experienced various challenges when gathering the information that he would use to write his book 'In Search of the Promised Land.'

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