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King Leopold's Ghost Book Review (Book Review Sample)

Book Source: King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild http://www(dot)amazon(dot)com/King-Leopolds-Ghost-Heroism-Colonial/dp/0618001905/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1332743992&sr=8-1 http://www(dot)lavc(dot)cc(dot)ca(dot)us/Library/bookreview.htm source..
King Leopold's Ghost Book Review
    King Leopold's Ghost explains the legend of King Leopold II of Belgium and his abuse of a dependency which he basically possessed, acknowledged variously as the Congo, the Belgian Congo, as well Zaire. It is a natural and horrible story of man's capability for evil and the strange demonstration of it. The king (King Leopold II) never set foot in his fiefdom. This was from the support he got with the help of many willing subordinates to devastate a country. Disappointingly, it is not the nastiest example of colonial misrule, but simply a representative one. But one thing which is disgusting, is the number of people who were affected. Congo is a known as huge territory, and also how modern these events were, even if it`s barely hundred years ago.        Hochschild successfully describe Leopold's misrule, and equally extensively, describes those that withstand to fight against it. It is believed that there were supermen in this sordid tale, human rights activists at a time when the conception was still unknown one and when it was taken for granted that the white man was advanced to the natives.        The book reactions are somehow surprising hen one views on how unfamiliar people are to the events portrayed herein. For that case, Hochschild acknowledges that he knew little about Leopold's misrule as well the campaign against it. On the other hand near the end of the book, he illustrates a Belgian diplomat who was also strange with these events. We always deliberated that people knew. Apparently they didn't and they don't reason why the book sounds fundamental in revealing what went on. In his descriptions, Hochschild is helpful especially of the colourful persons involved, both the excellent and the horrific. His analysis of the situation is solid; though essential superficial...
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