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Book Review-Gandhi – Pioneer of Nonviolent Social Change (Book Review Sample)


1.) According to the author Tara Sethia, Gandhi was not simply focused on political independence for India, but the reform and reconstruction of Indian society that was just, fair, open, and tolerant.  How did events in Gandhi’s life shape his vision for what he believed a politically independent India should look like?  Begin with his early years and trace his development and maturation as a political leader, religious guide, and social reformer.  In your essay you must include discussion of Gandhi’s time spent away from India; his formulation of Satyagraha (including a working definition of the term), his attempts to implement Satyagraha through World War I, the 1930s, and World War II.  How did the struggle and chaos of partition challenge Gandhi’s life work and commitment to non-violence?  According to the author was are the lessons and legacies of Gandhi’s work?


Book Review-Gandhi – Pioneer of Nonviolent Social Change
Non –violent resistance is a practice that uses different tactics like political and economic non-cooperation or civil disobedience among other tactics. The modern non-violent resistance was accelerated by one of the Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi who fought for independence from the British Empire. In the book, Gandhi: Pioneer of nonviolent social change by Sethia Tara published in 2012, examines the life and the great work by Gandhi from a global context (Sethia7).
The book illustrates how Gandhi's non-violent ideas and his life shaped the world in the 20th century. The book presents important aspects of Gandhi's' life and the main components of his philosophy, presenting Gandhi as a reformer who played significant roles in reconstruction of Indian society through is ideologies (Sethia 13). The author Tara Sethia portrayed Gandhi not only as an independent fighter, but also as a reformer who greatly contributed to the reconstruction of Indian that became fair, open and tolerant. Several events in Gandhi's life shaped his vision of an independent India.
Mahatma Gandhi was known as, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, he was born in 1869 in was India at the seaside. During this period India had been colonized by the British after Baha

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