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Review China and the Vietnam War (Book Review Sample)


Two paragraphs every page, every paragraph need so summarize one chapter. The last paragraph is your reading reflection


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Book Review: China and the Vietnam War
Though it has seldom been mentioned in the historical recounts of either country, the alliance between China and Vietnam should occupy a big part in Asian history during the cold war era. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) had made great sacrifices in its determination to support the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) in the war against the United States and France. According to the first chapter of the book, they included preceding recognition from the leader of China as an independent country. The interests of the Chinese administration led by Mao Zedong, however, run deeper than the passion for helping protect a weaker brother. Mao was constantly worried over the possibility of a western invasion of fronts bordering China. They included Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea. His concern was the threat likely to come from Indochina as well as KMT forces operating in Vietnam. Also, he believed that China had a responsibility to defeat imperialism and establish communism as well as lead a new revolution. Thus, he ensured that Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh received support in the form of food, clothes, medicine and military advice.
Details of Vietnamese and French war are contained in the second chapter. The Vietnamese fighting unit, the Viet Minh trounced French forces in the First Indochina War. The victory was largely due to France’s mistakes about understanding the social and political changes underway, hesitance to grant freedom to political groupings as well as lack of support to its military leaders. Other suggestions include the popularity of Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Minh, among the population. There is also writing advancing the opinion that the Vietnamese party’s terrorism policy, as well as its sophisticated organization, lend a hand in ensuring victory. What is for sure, however, is the fact that China’s support played a big part in the achievement of the victory. Of importance is the military and political aid advanced to the Viet Minh. Beijing provided not only military weapons but also the advice for the Vietnamese fighting units. Also, the fact that the Viet Minh was fighting for independence – a just cause – greatly contributed to the attainment of victory. The pressure put on Vietnam from China to abandon its efforts to unify the country during the Geneva Conference was, however, the onset of ill-feelings between the two allies.
The third chapter explains that after the Geneva Conference, China was intent on promoting peace between nations. The country sought to counter the isolation policy brought against by the U.S. by courting Cambodia and Laos neutralist governments as well as helping Vietnam’s efforts in rebuilding its economy and consolidation of power. Also, China spared no effort in attempting to get rid of the hostility between Laos and the DRV. Mao especially worked hard in ensuring that the Asian countries did not have any military cooperation with the U.S, advocating instead for France. He, however, was wary of American retaliation, especially during the time of domestic reconstruction. China remained a close ally of the DRV, offering to help mitigate the effects of the war by aiding in the reconstruction of the transport system, relieving of famine, reviving agriculture and reinforcing the armed forces. Also, Beijing sent a team of financial experts to North Vietnam to provide economic advice. The DRV also sought economic assistance and advice from the Soviet Union. It was suggested that the country had moved its loyalties from to Moscow from Beijing in the quest to obtain financial assistance. The DRV leaders had also abandoned the Chinese model in land reform in favor of the Russian one. The DRV, however, maintained cord...

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