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Hiroshima Book Review (Book Review Sample)

This is the book\\\\\\\'s name which critique will be on \\\\\\\"Hiroshima\\\\\\\" by John Hersey. Vintage Books, 1973. ISBN:0679721037 I would like you to begin with announcement of what you are going to do in this critique or with an introductory paragraph ending with a detailed thesis statement announcing what you are going to to in this critique. Discuss such issue as the purpose(theme) of the book ( what is this book about?); how well that propose been achieved? How is the book organized? is the book organize effectively? how well is the book written? do you like to author\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s writing style? what did you like about the book and why? what didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t you like about the book and why? The author\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s theme usually be found somewhere in the book\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s introduction. Always keep it in mind in evaluating the book and state it somewhere early in your essay quoting it directly from the book. You should also support your discussion with direct and indirect quotations from the book throughout your essay and include page numbers. End your essay with a concluding paragraph restating your proven thesis and summarize your conclusion. If any question, please call on my cell phone listed above source..
Hiroshima Book Review
This is a book review called Hiroshima by John Hersey whose first edition was published by Vintage press in New York on 4th March in 1989. It will consider themes used in the book. It will also discuss the organization as well as how the book has met it purpose. The review of the book is considered to ensure that Hersey work is put into right showing its strength.
Hiroshima has a taste of fiction, however, it is factual. It has been written through intensive interviews from six survivors of atomic bombing in Hiroshima and through documentaries that were written regarding the same. Through third person narrative, the book became so sympathetic and clinically objective. The voice that John Hersey has given the book is so apparent over the choice of the events and the details that he offers about the Japanese life, the devastating nature of the bomb and the reactions and the feeling of the people who were victims.
Themes of the book
The book discusses major and minor themes. These are theme of survivor and theme of effect of the war to the civilian. It also touches on several other minor ones with the most conspicuous being theme of unpredictability and frailty of life and theme of moods.
Theme of survivor
This is a major theme in this book. It covers both individuals and the community. The book offers description of the people reaction to a crisis showing their moral character. It shows how each person chooses to rebuild his or her life and how the city of Hiroshima rebuilds after the disaster. It also shows the priorities of each person and for the city as a whole. The theme of survival shows the urge of the people to live despite the destruction and the death that occurred. This theme also shows how life gets to normal even after undergoing tragic trauma.
Theme of effect of war to civilian
This is also a major theme in this book. The war touches the whole population whether Japanese or non-Japanese. Though the atomic bomb was dropped on Japanese land, people like German Jesuits were affected. Family and businesses are destroyed. This theme is conspicuous on the constant and fearful anticipation of any other attack that may come (Hersey, pg 3). Therefore, people are unable to live peacefully as they are always in alert of air raids.
Unpredictability and frailty of life
Though these are minor themes, they are seen in the book. The six survivor of the bomb were wondering how and why they were living amid what happened. They see it as coincidental unconscious action that has spared their life thus, frailty of life. The survivor says, “Why can't I feel myself burning?” Therefore, this theme shows how chance can be a powerful force to life. However, these people suffer from unpredictability of life as they have constantly undergone suffering and hardships due to the destruction of the bomb and ...
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