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Book Critique of Only yesterday: Informal History of 1920 (Book Review Sample)


It describes the social, political, and international, and economic issues of the decade. There had been a lot of changes in the United States during this time. What was it like to live in the US during the 1920's? Students need to address the social, political, international, and economic aspects of the 1920's. Students must use citations from the book with proper documentation. The title of the book must be italicized or underlined wherever found in the paper. The paper should be typed in black ink, Times New Roman, 12 font, and be double spaced.


Book Critique of Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920's
Written in 1931, Only Yesterday: An Informal History of 1920's is a book written by Fredrick Lewis Allen. Having been written at the beginning of the thirties, it is one of the books with probably the closest history of what happened in the 1920's. The author recounts the events of the preceding decade with a keen interest in social, political, international and economic point of view. The author employs the use of flashback to take us to the events of the First World War and prohibitions hence creating a perfect connection between the decade in a discussion as well as the preceding one. With this, he succeeds in giving a complete account of 1920's at least according to him. Consequently, it is imperative to critique the book so that it does not merely look like something that the author remembered about his life in the 1920's rather a history of American in that po

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