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* The book Friday night lights (Book Review Sample)


Address the 4 questions in the review. I sent the picture it’s attached.


The Book Friday Night Lights
Racism is portrayed in football where black players are only allowed to play because they have the ability to play. When they no longer have the ability to play, they are considered useless. This is clear when Boobie Miles injures his knee and his life becomes meaningless because he can longer play football. The whites’ express racism emotionally by not accepting black citizens from Odessa. The whites in Odessa only tolerated blacks when there was a football match so as to benefit from their talents (Oriard). The football game is not more about football but more of racial superiority where the blacks are considered the minority.
Misplaced Educational Priorities
The people of Odessa were more obsessed with football than the education of their children. Much time is spent on football which affects class time, test-taking or even homework given to the children. The school turned out to be a place where football games are held instead of a learning institution. Students who weren’t members of the team were denied opportunities in their area of interest as much money was used to support the football team. The future of their children was blurred as education was not a priority.
People of Odessa devote more time on football than any other social activity. There are two teams from Odessa High and Permian High School. Permian High School team is known for winning several championships. Football is not only a game in the community but a symbol of strength and resolve. Players show their ability to endure through the pain despite physical disadvantages.
Life isn’t always fair
This theme is appearing when Boobie Miles injures his knees and can never play again. Boobie was used to being a high school hero has his dreams shattered when his knee is injured. He takes time to adjust to being someone else other than a football player. From Boobie's injury, we are able to see that life is not always faring and one must a way to create life more

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