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Book Review Assignment - This Brave New World By Anja Manuel (Book Review Sample)


Three page double spaced paper in regards to the book: "This Brave New World" by Anja Manuel. First Page will be an executive summary of the book and pages two and three will be your critique of the book.
link for the book:

Book Review of “This Brave New World” by Anja Manuel
Executive Summary
The Book, This Brave New World by Anja Manuel, posts two visions about the relationship that exists between China, India and the US in the year 2030. In the first vision, we enter a new cold war in which the major powers that include China are pitted against the US and its allies. On the other side, he presents an alternative future where she appears to be advocating for the co-operation of China and India. The two countries co-operate to pursue their goals at a lower level of weaponry, cost and environmental impact.
In her view, Anja Manuel presents her views on the trio that due to their size and economic might, India and China will have veto power over most of the international decisions that relate to climate change, the openness to the global trade, nuclear policy matters, human rights and the business norms.
The author of the book describes our interests in one or the other outcome and then goes further to give a consideration of what is required of us. In essence, the book asks what the relationship would be like if the nation's partner so that they can achieve their objectives. Manuel who is a textbook liberal internationalist sees the economic growth of all the three nations as being a well and win-win-win for everyone. The author also presents that the need for greater engagement especially in political and economic is the answer to the growing geopolitical frictions between China and the other two nations- India and the US.
The book is informed by the two decades that Manuel had spent traveling to both countries. In the first instance, she was the State Department official negotiating with Delhi and Beijing. She is currently working at a consulting firm of Rice Hadley Gates where she offers advice to the various American business people on how they can navigate these countries so that they can set up their businesses in the countries.
Critique of the Book
Anja Manuel presents her stories in a vivid and offers insight into the early influences on the future leaders. She writes that when Xi Jinping who was a 14-year-old, Red Guards approached his father making a lasting impression on the future president of China. She also recounts that during Indira Gandhi's reign, Narendra Modi went around disguising himself as a Sikh with a turban, full beard, and sunglasses to continue distributing the banned opposition pamphlets. She also describes the Western-friendly anticorruption czar Wang Qishan; she says that "hardens visibly" when telling us about purifying the Communist Party so that it can rule for another century.
Another aspect that Manuel presents to us in her writing is the ability to involve the readers in presenting the stories. In one of the instances, she takes the reader into the slums of India, where the people live in corrugated iron huts with no plumbing or sewage. She informs us that the people earn their living by scrounging through the trash dump that is three feet high.
In describing one of Anna Hazare’s rallies in the capital, Manuel writes, “I often visit public protests when in India. No matter how serious the issue, they always have an air of a street festival and they renew my faith in the power of the citizens to improve their government.” She quietly cheers the young Chinese telling us how they use coded language and keep shifting to newer instant messenger apps to keep ahead of Beijing’s censors.
She also reports that the slum streets are spotless, polished clean with the swing of hundreds of broom strokes in a day. She also describes the life of the workers who assemble the smartphones and the tablets, and they live in a dorm room with eight bunk beds that are covered in polyester blankets. She says, "it smells...
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