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Comparing two articles from Music and Culture edited by Anna Tomasino (Book Review Sample)


Choose TWO of the assigned readings from Music and Culture edited by Anna Tomasino and write an essay that makes an argument that connects the two articles. Do not simply summarize each of the articles. Answer this: What can we learn about music by reading these articles together that we could not have learned otherwise? What argument do you want to make that connects these two articles? What arguments do the authors make that you can compare and so what is revealed that is important or significant from this comparison?

Comparing two articles from Music and Culture edited by Anna Tomasino
Popular culture has grown though the time and not longer speaks to a structured society. this is to means that, music and popular culture do not rely on the social structures in the society or the materialistic views of capitalism. Rather music ad popular culture speaks to the mind and soul and relates to the emotions of the people. This is a culture that has made leaps through the global interconnectivity to amass support from all corners of the world. There are different writers who have tried to explain the immense growth experienced by this culture through literature. One of the world’s renowned writers that have captured the essence of music and culture is Professor Anna Tomasino (Tomasino). In her book titled Music and Culture, she brings out the aspects of cultural and social issues as influenced by music. In her book she brings out the fact that music has diversity, sound, business aspects and the personality (Chagla).
Thesis statement
Music and popular culture no longer relies on social stratifications, by using genre to sideline certain persons, it now relates to the emotions of the people without prejudice.
Previously, music has been a tool used in the social circles to create a form of identity. As such, music genres have been used to create social stereotypes. Ideally anyone can enjoy music of any genre, but the society has been structured in a manner that limits people to the music they ca listen to depending on their social class. Even listening to music, has been structured in manner that one can only enjoy music if they understand the words, with reference to genre.
Anna has edited some of the articles that have been written before about music and the aspects of popular culture (Chagla). One of the articles relates to a piece that had been written by Kurt Cobain, titled Music as Energy and another that had been written by Beatrice Aaronson. The latter was titled Dancing Our Way Out of Class through Funk, Techno, or Rave.
Reading through the two articles edited by Anna, there are some very insightful revelations that can be derived about the popular culture, with close reference to how people relate to music and their culture. Music cannot be expressed through the words that are contained in the lyrics. There is a third dimension to music that speaks of art in it most refined aspects. Like paintings, the...
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