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The Gift of Sex (Book Review Sample)

copied from course instructions: Read The Gift of Sex by Penner & Penner text, then write and submit a review and critique of the major themes of the book. The review should summarize the content of the five major headings of the book, and analyze the content as it relates to one's sexuality and intimate relationships. The critique should be objective, not personal, and should contain at least five (5) professional citations (journal articles), have 10 pages of content, and include title, abstract, and reference pages. source..
Religion and Theology: The Gift of Sex Name Course Institution Date Religion and Theology: The Gift of Sex Introduction One of the most driving factors of human life is religion. Believers of religion experiences some hope in life and this gives them reasons to hold on and wait for another dawn whenever dusk arrives. It is very difficult to define religion no wonder Albert Einstein expressed it as knowledge of the existence of a being human beings cannot penetrate. Every person has a way of expressing religion according to him or her own conviction. In simple terms, religion can be termed as the cultural system relating humanity to beliefs and values essential for creating a powerful and long lasting meaning to an individual. Religion is believed to be rooted in whilst deriving its power from the encounter with the natural world capable of provoking fear and threatening orders. On the other hand, theology can be termed as the study or religion. Many communities have existed with religion for quiet some time and they still hold onto the same. In the world, various people believe in varied perceptions and convictions thus yielding too many religions within the world. Examples of religion include Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, amongst others. This paper focuses on religion and its study, theology in an attempt to review a book "The Gift of Sex" by Penner and Penner (2003). It attempts to give an analysis of the various themes found within the text as corresponds to matters of religion and its study. Theme of Sexuality as a Gift from God Penner and Penner (2003) are so much convinced that sexuality came from God. The authors are Christians as they use the Bible as a way of supporting the perceptions and conviction especially in regards to the sexuality. According to the authors, the Bible confirms that it is God who gave humanity the gift of sex. Sexuality, which entails the maleness and femaleness within human being, is something that God created and never arose as a result of any sinful actions or they were never added as man and woman grew up. They were created with that difference within them. After being convinced that sexuality was obtained from creation, the authors then assert that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God. The maleness and femaleness we experience are all creation of God in his own image. The image of God is the particular design upon which man and woman were created thus sexuality is a gift from God and not any other action or creation that is picked or discovered as one grows. God had planned everything from the word go concerning the issue of sexuality within human beings. He knew very well that it was the only sure way of enhancing the generations to come and thus filling the earth. God designed humanity in such a way that the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person are together. There is no such a time when He separated any of the aspects (Penhollow, Penhollow & Young, 2010). For that matter any sexual activity involves the three aspects of the body and in cases where there is only one aspect being employed then that does not amount to sexuality granted by God. Lovemaking is not a mere physical contact between man and a woman but it goes deep into ones` soul, spirit, emotion, and this leads to fulfilled relationships between the two parties involved in sex. It is therefore true that sex is a gift from God. God was so perfect in His creations that He also gave sexual intercourse as a gift to humanity. It would have been meaningless having created man and woman with all the two separate reproductive and sexual organs without giving them a go ahead to enjoy sexual intercourse by making use of the varied reproductive organs. That is why the Bible being the reference point states ...
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