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Analysis on "Divided by Faith" by Benjamin Kaplin (Book Review Sample)

Writer must have access to the book "Divided by Faith: Religious Conflict and the Practice of Toleration in Early Modern Europe" by Benjamin Kaplin. Use Chapters 1,2,3,4 from "Divided by Faith" as the analytical tool for this analysis paper, and this should be your only source. **Do not write about Kaplin, but instead write about 4 interesting points from the document I supply (upload) using Kaplin's ideas. source..

Running Head: Analysis on "Divided by Faith" by Benjamin Kaplin
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Divided by faith
Benjamin Kaplan analyzes the various strategies employed by Europeans who were embodied in religious diversities and were able to live together without major conflicts. He explored the various ways in which individuals can live together in harmony without any physical violence. The religious well being of an individual, according to Benjamin Kaplan, is viewed as not only a virtue but also "a pragmatic move, a grudging acceptance of unpleasant realities" CITATION Ben07 \l 1033 (Benjamin, 2007). His thesis provides a sense of enlightenment to individuals who are still dogmatized by the essence of religious diversity. In as far as the analysis criticizes intolerance as a primitive irrationality; it does come out clearly on the true causes of the said intolerance of mankind. In realistic terms, the issue of religious toleration seems unsatisfied and therefore does not provide relevant information about the past as well as the future religious well being of the society.
The book is divided into four distinct parts which out rightly provides intense information about the modern religion, these are; Obstacles, Arrangements, Interactions and Change. The first instance is on the "Obstacles" that deter the coexistence of various modern religious beliefs. Under this consideration, Benjamin Kaplan is considered the first of the philosophers who offered a wide perspective on the issue of toleration among the Europe inhabitants CITATION Ben07 \l 1033 (Benjamin, 2007). He describes the context of toleration as "the peaceful coexistence of people of different faiths living together in the same village, town or city CITATION Ben07 \l 1033 (Benjamin, 2007).
While the issue of intolerance has dominated the minds of various Christians, the confessionalisation process enabled it to be put into the limelight after reformation was undertaken. As various confessions by Christians were aimed at establishing and strengthening their identities, it was viewed that intolerance was a true mark of piety. The association created was highly strengthened at lower level, where the outbreak of a disease was considered hazard to â...
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