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Analysis Of Mathew 10: Jesus Power To Heal (Book Review Sample)


Read matthew 10 :1-33 answer questions in the attachment Title number


Analysis of Mathew 10
Student’s Name
Answer 1
Jesus gave his disciples the power and authority to heal all illnesses since only just preaching for the disciples was not adequate. During this period, the Jews practice magic arts highly, and therefore numerous individuals were possessed. By providing his disciple with power and authority, he enabled his disciples to establish the preached holy doctrine on these individuals (Perrotta, 2010). Currently, miracles do not occur as much as they did in the past since, during this period when the Holy Spirit was released into the world initially, this amplified the gifts that apostles had back then. However, currently, most Christians believe and have faith that their healing or anything they ask from God, they will receive regardless of when.
Answer 2
Jesus told his disciples to discard all their possessions as they no longer had to meddle with worldly concerns or any underhanded measures. Additionally, Jesus knew the vital task that the

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