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Amos Chapter Five: Three “Crimes” In Verse 12 (Book Review Sample)


The attachment is on the next page. You need to read the Bible and answer the question. Please mark the question number. Each question is about 70 words.


Amos Chapter Five
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1. What part of this passage speaks to you the most and why?
The part of this passage that speaks to me the most is chapter five verse fourteen, specifically where it says, “The Lord, the God of hosts shall be with you”. For me, it means that the eternal glorious God, who is Lord of all, can help me, having all the hosts of earth and heaven at his disposal; he will be with me to bless and save me, despite my former sins.
2. Amos lists three “crimes” in verse 12 that occurred in his day. If Amos visited America today, what three crimes against social justice do you think he would say we are guilty of? In your estimation which one is the worst and why?
If Amos visited America today, he would say we are guilty of unfair labor practices, discrimination due to ethnicity, age, orientation, and gender, and inequality of healthcare and public school quality in poor income areas. All the issues mentioned abo

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