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Book summary. The prevalence of secondary traits/greatness (Book Review Sample)


I need 3 pages and single-spaced. Please see the detailed requirement in the attachment.
There are many ways to learn about selling and sales management.  An excellent way is by reading a top sales book and sharing your learning with others.  For this assignment you will choose a book from the list provided in class (maximum of two students per book) and summarize the key concepts into 3 pages. Comments on writing your summary Your summary should be 3 pages long (not including the cover page – marks will be deducted for papers longer than 3 pages), single spaced, with 12-point Arial font.  Any section that contains poor grammar or spelling will have the mark downgraded due to weak communication skills.   Format Keep the language simple and jargon free. Cover page: Your name Name of book & Author’s name Publishing date Professor’s name Date Opening: Short overview of the book (eg. terms, theories, thesis) so that students in the class will know if they might be interested in reading the book themselves. Nugget (a key point that you have gotten out of the book): Come up with 3-5 nuggets from the book to include in the summary Give each Nugget a title For each nugget, lead with a quote from the area of the book that the nugget originates (include page number). For each nugget, describe the takeaway that resonated most strongly with you. (I.e. one key thought that had the biggest impact on you.) For each nugget, share one, actionable way in which students in the class can easily apply the nugget. Closing: Your honest opinion and final thoughts on the book.  Include how the book impacted you and how you will put what you learned to work in your business and personal life. 


Book Summary
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Book Summary
Few books are as thorough and written from a point of understanding as The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey. Today, the idea of success is widely publicized and this often leaves many people working towards achieving or attaining the socially acceptable levels of success. However, as revealed by Covey, many people often struggle with “inner hunger, a deep need for personal congruency and effectiveness and for healthy, growing relationships with other people” (12). So, in his book, Covey talks about growth from the individual perspective. Growth as a term in the book necessitates the inclusion of the maturity continuum which Covey also makes great use of as he expounds on dependence, independence, and interdependence. Another term that Covey introduces and that takes up a significant portion of the book is habits. From the book, Covey defines habits as “the intersection of knowledge, skill, and desire” (54). He then breaks down the terms knowledge, skill, and desire. 

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