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The Year Of The Flood By Margaret Atwood Writing Assignment (Book Review Sample)


please read the book written by Margaret Atwood, the year of the flood up to pg.342. find one point that about the book. you can find any point to analysis deeply. it can be about how the humanity changes the society or how the society becomes messed up from the control of corps. you can also make the analysis of characters itself. the whole essay doesn't have to be really long, but it needs to contain the thesis statement, topic sentence, and the quote, evidence from the book. please cite them with the page number and the last name of the author. it doesn't have to be very long, but you have to deeply analyze the main topic point.


The year of the flood
The year of the flood
The year of the flood by Margaret Atwood is a fascinating story about a world driven by corrupt corporations and uncontrolled development of gene-spliced life forms that caused a man-made pandemic. With all the sensational events including people dying, the author's development of her narrative of the character Toby is one of the most compelling features of the story.
The author narrates Toby's experience from a third person point of view to show Toby determination to survive before and after the floo

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