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Transforming Experience and Influence (Book Review Sample)


Read through pages 142—145. The author outlines the Transforming Influence Gandhi had on those around him. The author suggests the following qualities that make give a leader transforming influence: ◦Trust; ◦Mentoring; ◦Modelling; ◦Vision; ◦Empowerment; Answer the following questions: 1.What experiences have you had that transformed your ideas and/or behavior? When, where, and how did this occur? 2.Which of the above qualities played a role in that transformation? 3.Have you played a transforming role in another's ideas and/or behavior? What were the circumstances in which this occurred?


Transforming Experience Name
Transforming Experience
Question 1
The most mind transforming experience was the passing away of a close friend of mine. In times past I had heard of people dying and being buried. In fact, before the passing of my friend I had the opportunities of going to numerous funerals. However, when my friend died of a lung complication it happened so quickly I didn’t even have the chance of saying good bye to him. This experience changed my view of life because now it was obvious that even I could head in the same direction. But from that instance, life to me became an opportunity to leave a worthy legacy which my loved ones will remember me for.
Question 2
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