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How Screen Shape Affects Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations (Book Review Sample)


ALTERNATIVE ASSIGNMENT: Read one of the attached studies. Briefly summarize (a) what the study predicts and why, (b) the study's method, and (c) the implications of the study (as articulated by the authors). Then (d) identify any additional implications you perceive, (e) the strengths and weaknesses of the study, and (f) ideas for future research on the topic beyond those mentioned by the author.
TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: The paper should be between two and three double-spaced pages. Use 12-point, Times New Roman font and 1-inch margins.


Article Review
Institution of Affiliation
Article Review: Round or Square? How Screen Shape Affects Utilitarian and Hedonic Motivations for Smartwatch Adoption
What does the study predict?
The study predicts that smartwatches with round screens are appealing due to their circular shape and that they possess' visual attributes which make them stand out as compared to those with square screens. This is because circular objects have emotive elements (such as comfort, affection, warmth, and sensuality) which make round screens more attractive. Further, users will prefer stylish watches with exquisite features that will complement their look –which is the reason as to why round screen adoption has been suggested by manufacturers and designers as they are likely to give the desired attractiveness.
What is the study method?
In this case, a Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used. The TAM model suggests that when a new technology is presented, certain factors influence whether the users will buy the product or, not. A lab experiment was carried out in East Asian University with two hundred students (107 women, 93 men) to determine whether screen shape plays a key role in smartwatch adoption by developing and validating a user acceptance model that integrates the original TAM constructs within utilitarian and hedonic factors related to screen shape. In this study, the participants were randomly given a smart watch with either round or square screens, and their task was to test the overall usability of the device. They were then asked to walk around the

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