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Racial discrimination and Religion in Go Tell it on the Mountain (Literature & Language Book Review) (Book Review Sample)


Read the book Go Tell I On the Mountain
Please write an introduction and a conclusion.
Racial discrimination and Religion are the two major themes of Go Tell I On the Mountain. However they are treated very differently. Religion is all over the book in a very overt way. Racial discrimination is also all over the book, but it is rarely mentioned (compared to Religion). Discuss how both themes are used in telling the story.


Religion and Racial Discrimination in
Go Tell It On The Mountain
[date]Go Tell It On The Mountain (2016) is a depiction of how people treat religion as convenient to them. The narrative shows how we turn to our religious gods and beliefs when we cannot find answers. Moreover, it implies racial discrimination that manifests through the hostility of characters to each other. Racial discrimination is not an explicit part of the narrative but an element that builds other characters.
Two of the characters, the siblings Gabriel and Florence, demonstrate the discrimination happening in the family. The later part of the story reveals that the siblings' parents were slaves to rich families. It was the reason they could no longer meet their other siblings because they got separated at a young age. Garbiel'sexperience of slavery manifests in how he treats his stepson, John. Gabriel would always show unfair treatment towards John while giving the other child his attention. His actions and attitude may root from the emotional trauma he has been carrying since they were kids. Gabriel must not want John to fail n life and become a slave. However, he shows it in a more hostile way. On the other hand, Florence has always felt discriminated again

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