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Source From The Power Of Habit By Charles Duhigg (Book Review Sample)


All of my sentence must be from those two book. Otherwise, it shouldn't be work. please focus on the book.
Zero Conditionals
General truths and general habits
If + simple present, simple present.
If the temperature falls below freezing, ice forms.
If we have a big snow storm, Metro buses operate on a Sunday schedule.
You can think about this construction like this:
Whenever the condition is met, the result will always happen. Interestingly, you can usually substitute

Perfect Sentences
This assignment contains adjective clauses that are in different forms. They include adjective clauses with subject of the clauses, objects of the verb clauses, objects of the preposition clauses, expression of quantity clause and clause that modifies the preceding sentence. These sentences come from the books The Power of Habit by Duhigg and The namesake by Lahiri. An adjective clause contains a noun, a relative word, a subject and a verb. Its use can bring different meanings to a sentence depending on how one employs it.
Adjective clause with subject of the clauses
Examples of such sentence
* Ashima was married to Ashoke, who was involved in a train accident.
* The person that motivated Peyton was Coach Dungy
Adjective clause with object of the verb clause
Examples of such sentences
* The man that married Ashimawas Ashoke.
* The people that angered Rosa Park were racists.
* The movement that was started by Rosa Park increased the demands for civil rights.
Adjective clause with object of the preposition clause
Examples of these sentences are:
* The apartments that Ashima Ganguli lived in was owned by Harvard professors.
* The university, which Gogol studies in is situated in Massachusetts.
* The strategy which Target relied on was very successful.
Adjective clause with possessive clauses
Example of such sentences:
* Gogol, whose parents were of Indian origin, changed his name to Nikhil.
* Lisa Allen, whose life transformed after changing her habit, is now a very successful woman.
* The hospital helped to rehabilitate Beverly’s husband, whose mental stability retarded after some illness.
Adjective clause with an expression of quantity clause
Example of these sentences are:
* Henry Malaison experienced many seizures, most of which left him unconscious for a long time.
* Thomas was involved in many sleepwalking events, all of which he could not remember.
* Gamblers usually place many bets, most of which go wrong.
Adjective clause with a clause that modifies the preceding sentence
Examples of these sentences are:
* Ashima and Ashoke named their child ‘Gogol’, which really affected his social life.
* Lisa Allen was addicted to smoking,...
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