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Mahatma Gandhi Reading (Book Review Sample)


Read the article "Mahatma Ghandi: An Indian Model of Servant Leadership," answer the following: 1. What is your opinion of the idea of "servant leadership"? Is this a new concept for you? What, specifically, is most interesting to you about the reading? 2. Choose two (2) of the Servant Leadership qualities from the reading and answer the following questions for each: Have you experienced this leadership quality in your own life? What were the circumstances? What occurred? What, if any, impact did it leave on you? Have you experienced the opposite of this leadership quality in your own life? What were the circumstances? What occurred. What, if any, impact did it leave on you?


Mahatma Gandhi Reading
The article on servant leadership depicting the qualities of Mahatma Gandhi is an inspirational and requisite book for all aspiring leaders. Whether in the political, social or business realm, the leadership aspects articulated in the article are congruous and essential for peaceful coexistence. The most attractive quality of Mahatma Gandhi for me is his use of non-violent means to clamor for independence of India against Britain whilst most other countries sought theirs ruffian and violently. In an act of selflessness, he paves the way for other leaders younger than he paves and continues to live a simple life with no interest in pursuit for material wealth (Barnabas & Clifford, 2012).
This concept is not utterly new to me...
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