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A Lynching In The Stereoscope Article Analysis (Book Review Sample)


please read the whole article and write an about 1 and a half pages prompt with the analysis of this article. the general description of the essay is in the last picture. you should first create a prompt that is in some different viewpoint, not the plot or some very superficial question. After creating the prompt you should follow that structure of the essay, especially the topic sentence and the thesis statement, add two more quotes with the page number in the essay, you don't have to exactly follow the rule after you finish the thesis statement. I will also put some samples from other topics that she posted online for you, then you will probably know what is my teacher's expectation. please give me the topic sentence, the prompt question(it has to be very specific and deep) and the thesis statement. you don't have to use many complex words but the idea has to be very deep and unique such as character description or the gender discrimination.
ps: the thesis and question is important, the whole unit is about the gender and race.


Book Review: A Lynching in the Stereoscope
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October 9, 2017
The article entitled A Lynching in the Stereoscope, is written by Stephanie Dickinson. The story is written in a way, where the stories of the five main characters (among others) are separate but overlapping especially by the end of the story. Aside from this, each of these characters have their own problems that they are facing on their own. Nonetheless, this poses the questions, why are all the characters (protagonists and side characters) female (prompt question)? In line with this, the author of this paper strongly believes that the reason for Dickinson's utilization of mostly female characters is because she wanted to deliver a subtle “feminist” theme, discussing every issues that women faces all over the world (thesis statement). In the story this could be seen through many different windows and snapshots in the lives of the characters. The first evidence for this would be the fact that most of the characters are women. Aside from having different protagonists of their own stories, the other characters (sidekicks) are also women, which shows the author's emphasis on wanting to show both the latent and manifests lives tha

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