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Some questions on GENESIS to help with your "DISCUSSION: GENESIS" comments to be posted here: 1. If you have read or heard about any of these Old Testament stories at an earlier age, such as the story of the Creation and Fall, Cain and Abel, Noah's Ark, etc., is your response to one or more of them any different now than it was then? If so, how so? 2. What is the overall tone of these portions of Genesis that we are reading in class? Would you call the tone of these Bible stories from the Old Testament remote and detached? Friendly and inviting? Something else? Why do you feel this way? 3. Can you identify with any of the characters in these Old Testament stories? How has the world changed since these stories were written? 4. Is God as depicted in these Old Testament stories merciful, merciless or something in between? 5. Which is your favorite one or two of these Bible stories and why? 6. Which of these Bible stories do you dislike the most, and why? these are all the question about the book you can write like this way i will post example. (When reading the story of Cain and Abel, it is an early reminder of how jealousy between people can lead to bad situations. Cain¡¯s jealousy of his brother Abel over scarifies that were offered to God drove him into a rage and resulted in him killing his brother. After the deed was done and God passed judgment on him for his deed, Cain felt this his punishment was too much to bear so he asked God to place a mark on him so that his life would be spared by anyone he ran across on his exile. Graciously, despite Cain¡¯s obvious mistake God still showed mercy where Cain had not and placed a mark on him. I feel like God was being in between merciful and merciless due to in those times the only thing that people had were their family. So banishing Cain was one of the harshest things he could do. However, since Cain showed no hesitation in killing his own family member then it seems that the punishment was more fitting then anything. The Bible story I liked the most was The Flood. The reason being is because it shows that even though as men and women, we make mistakes and are sinful. God still shows compassion and mercy in not destroying everyone but allowing a select few to live. Also he showed wisdom in instructing Noah not only in how to build the Arc but also in what to put on it thereby not only preserving man but also Gods own creations. After God released the flood from the earth, he spoke to Noah and made him a promise. He told Noah that never again would he destroy they earth with a flood and as a sign of his promise he gave us the rainbow. So everything you see a rainbow, it should serve as a reminder of Gods promise to Noah and to us. Shay)

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