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English Charles Dickens – Oliver Twist (Book Review Sample)

Charles Dickens – Oliver Twist Title. Author. Place of publication: publisher, date of publication. Number of pages. Remember that writing a book review is not simply retelling the plot. Focus should instead lie on your personal interpretation of the novel. Also notice that you do not need to bring up the different elements in the order they are shown in the textbook. You also need to think about your review disposition (the order and arrangement of your text) carefully. As with all other texts, make sure you have a good introduction and a natural conclusion. source..
Oliver Twist: A Book Review
Oliver Twist is the story of a young boy who grew up in a series of bad company. This novel poses a young boy who was born to a dead mother and father, with a half brother who wants him dead. In the boy’s attempt to runaway from all the abuse that he was receiving, he keeps on bumping into one criminal to the next. In tight spots where he gets shot or be taken to prison he meets nice people who were all willing to help him and find out more about him—Mr. Brownlow and Mrs. Maylie. The story concluded with Oliver winning over those who maltreated him. He had acquired his inheritance that his brother, Monks, had been attempting to take away from him and he was finally free from those people who have been using and abusing him.
As a story, Oliver Twist is touching and inspiring wherein it leans on how a poor orphaned boy triumphed after a long journey of pain and hardship. The plot of this novel is very common wherein the hero suffers but it ends with him winning over those who maltreated him and despite their cruelness to him. Moreover, when he did better in life, he did not allow himself to turn into one of them and maltreat them as well.
In case of the stringing of events, Oliver Twist is pretty much one of those stories wherein each of the characters, the flow of events and the entrance of these characters in such events are significant and, by all means, connected to each other. As seen towards the end of the story, Monks, who was trying to get rid of Oliver, turned out to be Oliver’s greedy half brother who wanted to take all their father’s properties for h...
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