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The Presence Of A Balanced Society: Comte Lit Article (Book Review Sample)


please read the article and answer the 5 questions below as the requirement said
ps: don't copy the questions
You should be thorough for some but for #1, it's okay if it's brief. Textual evidence is not required for all, but for #2 and #5, the text would be helpful.
1. What is the significance of the dog? How does it fit in with the stories?
2. Compare and contrast Jelly and Ciz. Analyze the descriptions of these characters. Why do they do certain things? How does the time period/their circumstances play a role? You may wish to analyze the settings of both stories and how the main characters' actions are dictated by the time period/setting/circumstances/people around them.
3. Why did the author choose to write the story in this way? Why does the story end the way it does? What is her purpose for doing so?
4. Analyze the names of the characters. Why are their names significant?
5. How does the temperature play a role in the action of the story? Think about how the characters feel at these moments as well.


Comte Lit Articale
Institutional Affiliation
Comte Lit Articale
1 The dog presence shows the presence of a “balanced” society. There are many parallels between Ciz and Jelly's interactions with the dog. However, people can use animals such as dogs to learn how to get along with other people. Taken that way, this passage serves as Jerry's statement of purpose. People need to be "understood" and having a dog in the story would offer the human characters like Jelly and Ciz an opportunity to use them as extreme methods to achieve an understanding at the end.
2 Both Jelly and Ciz are accused wrongly. However, their consequences are different. Ciz is a woman concerned about a lynching in years past. However, Jelly is a woman hired to take care of two elderly siblings in the modern America. Jelly is a loving woman who takes care of elder client and Ciz

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