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Summative Assignment Writing Part 1: Thesis Proposal (Book Review Sample)


Summative Assignment - Part 1: Thesis Proposal
This is the first portion of your total summative assignment for unit 2. You are required to submit a thesis proposal for your upcoming essay to be approved by the instructor. Please read the Instructions carefully.
Typed in font size 12, double-spaced.
Thesis must be approved by the instructor before you begin writing your essay.
If your thesis proposal is denied, you must either improve or rewrite your thesis for resubmission.
Late submission may incur late outcome of approval/rejection which might affect your essay deadline. Therefore, manage your time well.
Provide information regarding your essay topic —(if essay question in provided) Please state which question did you choose. If no essay question is provided, briefly describe your essay topic you will be covering.
Here is where you will write your thesis for approval. Be sure to double-check your thesis and whether it applies to the criteria we have discussed in class. I have included some helpful questions that might help you:
о Is your thesis concise and specific?
» Is your thesis statement written clearly so that it states the central argument precisely?^
• Does your thesis statement present a position that can be proven?
Please list the points of argument that supports your claim or argument in your thesis. You can list them in bullet-fojpi.,Do not go too much into detail because that is what your essay is for. Be concise and stay focused on the topic. Be sure to include at least_arguments to support your thesis.


Coming from one of the most intriguing books of a times, Juliet is a character that has a resounding personality. This is a character that brings some element of taste to the book relative to the fact that of all the other characters she is young and goes after what she wants in her life. This does not mean that life is exactly easy for her. However, through the challenges that she faces, she's able to follow through. With a young and naïve approach though, she seeks after love from her Romeo. This is even though her family is against the love the two has for one another (Levenson & Shakespeare, 1987). She is ready to lose her family to the feelings that she has for Romeo. Juliet does not make apologies for the fact that, she was crossing most of her family members to be in love with someone who she believed was the perfect man for her life. Love is not an easy thing and sometimes it takes the best of even the most brilliant minds turning them against their families and friends. Although it does not end well for the character it is important to note that she brings about some very crucial lessons for the readers. Her story speaks a lot to me in the fact that, being in High School there are chances of falling in love with schoolmates. This is a pretty common aspect as, students have very active hormones at this age (Levenson & Shakespeare, 1987). As such, they tend to make quite precarious decisions and in some of the cases they end up with sexually diseases or even pregnant. This is from the love episodes that most of the teenagers will be involved in. Making the choice to fall in love and get married at her age was the worst mistake she made.
In the case of the placement of the characters, Juliet can be considered as a hero. This without considering that in the end she dies. This is a character that starts off showing no signs of ever getting married. As such, she was very keen to even say that, she never saw herself getting married. However, this is before she meets Romeo. Ironically, she is later on seen to enquire from the nurse about the marital status of Romeo. She has fallen in love and is now pursuing Romeo. This is a rather important element of the character, which basically changes the direction of the story. She is the one that changes the story line into a love story after developing feelings for Romeo (Levenson & Shakespeare, 1987). Had she stayed as she had promised herself before without the urge to love a man or even get married to one; the story would have taken

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